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Moin! Welcome to Luebeck, Welcome to our Hostel! We are a collective, running this hostel with café and bar together without a boss. We are located in the city center. The hostel is close to everything you need and close to the common places of interest (sightseeing, bars, shops). Every room is different and designed by different people. We offer Free-WIFI, Lockers and so on. Every now and then there is an event in our bar such as a concert, a lection or the like. We are happy to greet you in person soon!!!

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Moin! (That’s the common way to greet somebody in the north of germany…)

Welcome to Luebeck, Welcome to our Hostel!

First of all, because it’s important to us: We are a group of people united by the wish of working in a structure that we created for ourselves, where we can decide about how we work and what we think is important.  That’s why we don’t have a boss and try to diminish hierarchies. We decide together by consensus and discuss issues until everybody can approve… Our structures are definded by the political statements of anticapitalism, antisracism, antisexism, antifascism and queer-feminism… We would like to be transparent about this, so if you have questions about how that all works, you’re welcome to aks 😊

Now about accommodation, coffee and beer:

We are located right in the city center, everything you need and everything you might want to see is within walking distance. Our bar is joined by 4 other bars worth visiting, so our street offers a handful of nice night-time activities.

Every room is designed individually, colorful, cozy, beautiful, crazy…rooms to feel comfortable. We offer two Doublebedrooms, and several shared rooms. One of these is a FLTI-Room only  (female-lesbian-trans-inter) and one bed has overlength…

Bathrooms and toilets are shared and all-gender. One Shower is private. We have two common kitchens and during the opening ours we also invite you to visit our café and our bar.

Check-In is at 2 pm (also later as agreed upon)
is until 12 am

You get bed linen and can borrow towels. We also have free WIFI and lockers.

Every now and then we have an event in our bar, such as a concert, a lection or the like…


Clemensstraße 7

phone:+49 451 30808310

Web: http://www.schicksaal.net

Opening Hours:


Please contact us by mail, so far reception times are as agreed upon

Office Hours

Mon  - Sun    10:00  am  - 4 pm



Sat    2:00  pm  - 6 pm

Sun    10 am  - 6 pm


Wd – Sat from 8 pm

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