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Salzquartier Lüneburg

    Welcome to Salzquartier – Lueneburgs first hostel! The former staff accommodation for the german railway, built in the 1920s, invites once again as an accommodation after years of usage as an office. The two floors probably offer a bit more comfort nowadays…

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    Hostel Details

    Salzquartier Lüneburg

    Come in, feel comfortable, enjoy Lueneburg in a relaxed way!

    Salzquartier hostel offers 34 beds in 9 rooms of various sizes. From the classical doubleroom to twin and family rooms to the typical dorm, there is something for every taste. Four rooms are equipped with their own wash-basin. Every floor has one bathroom for women and one for men. The showers can be locked and there is an extra space where you can hang your clothes and towels. There is one hairdryer in every ladies bathroom, which can of course be used by male guests as well. Handsoap is provided and there is leftover showergel and shampoo.

    The reception is located on the second floor as well as the spacious self-catering kitchen with adjacent dining and lounge area. Big windows offer a great view over the sometimes busy trainstation. Comfy armchairs invite you to put your feet up, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and read a book from the bookshelf. There are boardgames and a 12-string guitar which is unfortunately untuned most of the time.

    On the third floor there is a tea kitchen with a fridge and some sitting accommodation. A small rooftop terrace invites you to sit outside in good weather and smokers will be pleased not having to go down to the front door for a cigarette.

    Although the tracks of Lueneburg West run behind the house and the street to and from the train station and central bus station is in front of it, the new soundproof windows offer good protection from the noise. Earplugs are still a good idea. On the other hand you are right at the hostel when you arrive by train and within walking distance from the town centre.

    Bahnhofstrasse 7

    phone:+49 4131 85 44 502

    Web: http://salzquartier.de

    Opening Hours:

    Monday to Friday 8:30-11:30 am and 4-6 pm

    Saturday & Sunday 9 am -12 pm 

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    Salzquartier Lüneburg

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