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    University Town

    A university city with 800 years of history, the winding old town between Lahn and castle, the university atmosphere and the beautiful countryside!
    Marburg has an area of 124.5 km² and a population of 73,125.
    History, tourism and culture have made Marburg what it is today. In the 13th century the German Order built, in honour of the late Saint Elizabeth (who died here in 1231),  the first Gothic church on German soil. Even today, many people visit Marburg to admire the Church of St. Elizabeth.
    Marburg has restored many of its ancient walls to keep the old-world flair. At the same time the city is still changing with many new buildings. Whether you take a walk through the old town or go shopping in the city centre, you will find a piece of history everywhere in Marburg.
    Culturally, the city of Marburg has a lot to offer.
    In a tour of the whole old town of Marburg, you can learn many important historical aspects that have shaped the city of Marburg. You have the chance to admire the castle not only from the outside, but also inside, and decide whether you want a guided tour or to make your own journey of discovery.
    Another cultural highlight is the Church of St. Elizabeth, the first pure Gothic building in Germany. The small and large works of art that can be found in the Church of St. Elizabeth, tell the story of Saint Elizabeth of Thüringen.
    But Marburg isn’t just full of beautiful old buildings to be admired, the Museum of Art and Cultural History and the Marburg Art Foundation are worth a visit.
    Bars & Nightlife
    After a day on the go discovering one of the most historic cities Hessen has to offer, you can wind down at night in one of the many bars and pubs. The choice ranges from cocktail bars, old-world pubs and delicious restaurants to Shisha bars - there really is something for everyone.
    Those who would rather party than wind down at night, can make their way to the old-town of Marburg for example. In the other small clubs around Marburg there are often themed parties taking place, so that it simply never gets boring.
    Of course you can also spend the evening enjoying a great movie in the Marburg Cineplex cinema to wind down. Many more great bars and restaurants can be found nearby too.

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